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i imagine a reality where creative production is inclusive, accessible, joyful, and life sustaining.  i founded kinovat, the company developing artwyrx, to share this vision with the world and make it real.

i believe as human beings we are meant to be creative, use our imagination and live well doing it.  technology is there to serve us, to give us the space to be creative, not to restrict us or modify our behavior to serve it.  artwyrx is a platform currently being built to facilitate the creation of projects in multiple artistic genres and will provide support for all the logistics involved to make a creative concept manifest in the real world.  we are curating a community of artists and creatives both IRL and online who are passionate, iconoclastic, who don't need to fit in, who want to create without being bound by artificial restrictions.  think of artwyrx as an anodyne to the grief of being an artist in today's, or rather, yesterday's reality.

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artwyrx is...

we launch an iOS mobile app in july 2022 with the first phase of features focused on community building

the app's first beta group will be selected in may with a slate of sample projects

we are hosting an event to mark the launch for a few participants IRL and  streaming online to share our work and new projects summer 2022, TBA

check back here june 1st for information on how to submit projects or become a collaborator and more about the app

we start pre-seed fundraising at the launch and are interested in investors who want to grow the blockchain space to serve the creator economy

if you are interested contact us for a deck and to schedule a meeting


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller


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